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Arimiplex - 60 tablets - Hi-Tech

Arimiplex - 60 tablets - Hi-Tech
Arimiplex - 60 tablets - Hi-Tech
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ARIMIPLEX PCT by Hi-Tech was formulated to get your body’s testes producing testosterone again. Arimiplex contains an ingredient that acts as a powerful anti-estrogen/suicide inhibitor to estrogen. Any excess estrogen you body creates while taking ARIMIPLEX PCT will be eliminated. This will create an anabolic environment in your body. An increase in protein synthesis due to this decrease in estrogen and increase in testosterone will help you to maintain your weight more effectively even while off cycle. Anterior Pituitary Peptides raise LH levels after a cycle which helps to normalize your bodies endocrine system and a "new kid on the block" when it comes to PCT products. We also added liver regeneration & detoxification compounds to help assist in your body’s repair from previous cycles.

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